Urban Escape @ Shotgun San Mateo, Rizal Philippines (MKG Travel 2020)

By: Mark Kevin Galang MKG Travel 2020

Shotgun is one of the famous and priceless destination for mountain bikers in the Metropolis. Located in Mt. Maarat San Mateo Rizal. It is popular for its notoriety and difficulty.

It is a 5 kilometers of almost relentless climbing that only gets more difficult with each turn. Last saturday, I invited my classmate Denver to have a photoshoot and take some drone shots in the place for our porfolio.

When I hear the name Shotgun Trail from bikers, it makes me excited. Not many bikers really know the story behind the name.  I even saw it on Google maps that the road was really named “Shotgun”.

I have heard from my friends that a dumpsite is built there,  the  dusty trail became a road for the massive dump trucks that delivers the Metro-Manila garbage.

From Marikina, we ride a motorcycle bike for 30mins then we climbed for 20 minutes and finally reached the plateua of the mountain. The view is breath taking, perfect for our porfolio for this year. I was totally amazed with its beauty and scenery perfect for budget friendly travel.

Shotgun is no doubt, the most punishing climb a mountain biker or runner can do near Metro Manila. The road is steep—definitely one of the steepest in the country. The wall was difficult climb, but Shotgun takes that difficulty to an even more sinister level. I recommend this place because it is 30 minutes away from Metro Manila

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