HIKING ADVENTURE @ MT. BATOLUSONG,Tanay Philippines (MKG Travel 2019)

By: Mark Kevin Galang MKG Travel 2019Mt. Batolusong trail offers a challenging yet extraordinary opportunity to explore. The mountain’s open landscapes will fascinate you for hours as you journey towards the summit. Mt Batolusong is one of the most popular hikes in Tanay, Rizal, Its trail winds up the south tail end of the longest mountain range, the Sierra Madre.It offers a view with a sea of clouds if you’re lucky enough to catch it. The initial section of the hike is composed of rice fields, near the end of the trail is the Mapatag Plateau, with an estimated elevation of 645 meters above sea level. For more challenge, you can continue up the trail to Susong Dalaga peak at 780 meters above sea level.How to get there?From Cubao Aurora Blvd., take a jeepney bound for Cogeo Gate 2. It usually takes 1.5-2hrs of travel time and costs around Php 25 as of this writing. Once you arrive at Cogeo Gate 2, take another jeep to Brgy. Sampaloc. From there, you can ride a habal-habal/tricycle for P40 one way to get to the Brgy. San Andres for the registration and local guides.My Hike ExperienceAs early as 2am we were already settled in Tapia residence in Sampaloc Tanay, Around 4:00am, we reached Brgy. San Andres where we paid registration fees, DENR fees and other applicable such as fee for local guide. The trail begins with straightforward roads with some river crossing, a great indicator of things to come. Immediately, the path switchbacks steeply on the ascent up the mountain. We passed wooded areas and beautiful rock formations. After almost an hour of hike, we finally reached Duhatan Ridge, its name came from the duhat trees that grow in the area. Unfortunately, since it was still dark, we never had the chance to take any pictures of the place as well as the ones we already passed.Mapatag PlateauMoments later, the trail was clearer and we were rewarded with a glimpse of the scenery because the sun has started to rise. We got more inspired to keep going. After a few river crossings, a touch of rock formations, and plenty of calories burned, we finally made it to the summit. Emerging from the woods, we found ourselves feeling cold atop the exposed grassland slopes known as the Mapatag Plateau.

Take Note:

Better to wear rubber shoes. There are few stores along the trail but it’s still better to bring your own trail food and water. The only restroom is that at the reg area. There’s no restroom along the trail so better to do your thing before the start of the hike.Wear long sleeves and pants if you have sensitive skin. Narrow trail, wild wind and tall grasses = possible skin scratches. Grasses will really get close to you.


Guide – 500 php / 5 pax (required)
Registration – 100 php / pax
Parking – 50 php

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