12 Instagramble Dishes and Beverages in C.E.O Cafe (MKG Travel 2018)

By: Mark Kevin Galang MKG Travel 2K18

Nowadays, we travel because we want to explore and discover new things. As a blogger and photographer, I always seek extra ordinary places, people and cusine. I just realized that I already visited a lot of cafés and restaurants in Metro Manila but there’s one Cafe in Marikina that captured my heart, The C.E.O Cafe is the new place for coffee and food lover located in NW Narra St. Marikina Heights, Marikina City. Open Monday to Sunday, 9AM – 7PM.

I’m gonna share with you my list of highly recommended instagrammable dish and beverages in C.E.O Cafe

Main Dishes

1 Vietnamese Grilled Pork

The pork is well marinated in special sauce serve with pouch of egg on top with Peri Peri Sauce and tomato rice. The Pork has a unique taste of spices. And this is one of the best seller in C.E.O Cafe.

2 Tuscan Butter Salmon

Steam Fresh Buttered Salmon with aiofi sauce, tomatoes and basil. This is highly recommended for protein diet dishes.

3 Honey Garlic Chicken

Big part of chicken marinated in special sauce serve with aiofi chicken sauce and Plain Rice. This is my favorite Main dish na babalik balikan mo sa sarap.

4 Sweet and Spicy Bufallo Chicken Wings

Chicken wings marinated with special sauce serve with garlic mayo sauce and white rice. Nanunuot ang linamnam.


5 Truffle Fries
Crispy fries topped with lemon and parmasian cheese and aiofi oil. This the best fries for me.

6 Dynamite Fries
Spicy Crispy fries topped with Giniling Pork and Green sili. Nakakainit ng katawan at napakalinamnam.


7 Egg Benedict

soft and tasty bread topped with special sauce, ham and egg. recommended ko to for breakfa

8 Creamy Ice Cream Pancake

Soft and fluffy pancake topped with chocolate ice cream and syrup


9 Caramel Latte.

10 Chocolate Latte.

11 Macha Frappe.

12 Lemon lychee Ice Tea

ll in All C.E.O Cafe is highly recommended because of its modern and peaceful environment. at syempre the quality of service that they give!


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