By: Mark Kevin Galang MKG Travel 2018

This is my first time to be here in a Breathtaking Mountain View of Martessem Resort. Its absolutely beautiful place!

Martessem Mountain Resort was originally conceptualized as a family retreat house in the chilly mountains of Tanay, Rizal. Mountain Resort sits on a hilltop 2000ft above sea level and is an events venue with guest rooms. The place has no reception for both Globe and Smart. It has large parking space for vehicles. They offer guest rooms where visitors can enjoy a panoramic views of the highlands and valleys of the verdant slopes of Tanay.

The restaurant that’s become very popular with motorcycle riders. Food is pretty basic, but delicious taste. My friend recommended the place. It was windy and cold when we arrived so there was a sea of clouds and the view was breathtaking.

How To Get There:

Via Private Transportation: Cruise through Marcos Highway. You will pass through Masinag, Cogeo, Boso-Boso Resort, Foremost Farms and Palo Alto. Slow down at Sierra Madre Mountain Resort along Marcos Highway. The entrance of Martessem will be on your left.

Via Public Transportation: Coming from Santa Lucia East Grand Mall, take a jeepney going to Cogeo Market. At Cogeo Market ride jeepney going to Sampaloc Tanay. Get off to Mayagay 1 at DOST satellite (KM 58) just after Sierra Madre Mountain Resort.

For more Details:

Martessem Mountain Resort. Km 57, Sitio Mayagay 1, Tanay, Rizal
Contact numbers: +632 697 1170, 09103417009, 09174761934



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