About my Passion and Dream in Life. (MKG Personal Story)

By: Mark Kevin Galang MKG Personal Story

Hi guys! Welcome to my Photo Blog Page!

I’m Mark Kevin Galang also known as ( MKG ) on my social media accounts. I’m a Freelance Photographer based in Marikina City, Philippines. I’m also a Primary Leader and Band Lead Vocalist in our Church. I graduated Cumlaude and Leadership Awardee last April 2018. I currently take my Master in Public Administration degree in City University of Marikina (PLMar).

Here you will find everything about my
personal travel experience from different part of the Philippines and Asia, my personal preference in men’s wear and fashion and also my personal devotion and testimony while serving God.

I really love taking photographs specially my travel scenery shots and ootd’s. Photography is my stress reliever that’s why I love my camera. So way back last year, I started to think being an entrepreneur and establish my Photography business. I know its not easy but I keep myself motivated every single day to achieve that dream. For me nothing is impossible if you put passion and action.

My goal is to inspire people through my photographs and social media post that with God nothing is impossible, that Hardwork with Godly positive mindset really a key to success. Don’t stop chasing your dreams. I’m also a dreamer, actually I want to become a professional photographer, blogger and public servant someday. Just believe in yourself and put God at the center of your life.

“In all your ways acknowledge him, & he will make your paths straight. -Prov 3:6”

Hope you guys enjoy my Photo Blog page. Thank you for the support and being part of my journey! God bless you!


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