URBAN ESCAPE @ PILILLA WINDFARM Rizal, Philippines (MKG Travel 2018)

By: Mark Kevin Galang MKG TRAVEL 2018

Have you been to Bangui, Ilocos Norte and see the wind turbine closely? Well, you don’t have to travel more than 550 kilometers north just to meet these giants. Only 2 hours away from Metro Manila, you can now personally see these windmills in Pililla, Rizal!

Located in barangay of Halayhayin in Pililla, to be more precise, the Rizal Wind Farm is the newest growing list of tourism in the area. According to Alternergy Wind One Corp, the company that leads the operations of the farm, Pililla is an ideal setting for a wind farm because “it is part of a natural wind corridor created by the unique geographical features surrounding the lake.”

via Public Transportation

1. Look for public transportation (FX or Jeep) going to Tanay. There are terminals at Crossing specifically Starmall Crossing.

2. Ask the kundoktor or the Driver to drop you off at Sampaloc where you can ride a tricycle straight to Pililia Wind Farm. Tricycle will charge you Php 150-200 so it’s better to go there in big groups.

As we reached the top, I saw the astonishing sight of the whole Pililla Wind Farm. We saw more than 10 windmills in this vantage point, and all we can say is “beautiful!”. Seriously, you have to climb this hill for a better viewing experience.

During our stay, we took a lot of photographs, selfies and videos. I am so blessed that day, it is an extra ordinary experience.

Note: around 45% of the road is rough. Small cars are not advisable. We went here via motorcycle and it was still bumpy and some sections require careful driving.

Overall, my stay in Pililla Wind Farm is awesome! Rather than traveling up north to Ilocos Norte, just a two-hour drive from Metro Manila will lead you in this beautiful windmill farm. We recommend going here by afternoon, the golden hour of the sun amplifies the beauty of these turbines. Visit Pililla, Rizal and see its wonders and beauty!



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