EXPLORING BAKASYUNAN, Tanay Rizal, Philippines. (MKG Travel 2018)

By: Mark kevin Galang MKG Travel 2018

February 28, 2018

It’s my first time to be here! Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay, Rizal, is the perfect place to relax and have fun. It’s far enough that it gives the sense of traveling to somewhere away from the city, but it’s also quite near that the travel time isn’t draining. The resort is just 2 hours from Metro Manila. You’ll also pass by Antipolo while on your way there so you’ll have plenty of options for a stopover.

Bakasyunan Resort’s property is vast and wide with its 15-hectare forest property with a spectacular view of the Sierra Madre Mountains and Laguna de bay, that it can accommodate lots of fun things you can do from obstacle courses and zip-lines to horseback riding and airsoft. You’ll also enjoy the fresh air as you admire the stunning panoramic view of the mountains and the Pililla Windmills.

For me the price is reasonable. Our package came with Dinner and Breakfast. Food quality is good and servings hefty. Tanay weather gets a bit chilly at night, so expect cold pool waters for night swimmers. It’s easy to lose all sense of the busy city with the resort’s relaxing vibe. Additionally, their rooms are all spacious and comfortable, with different types that can accommodate both small and big groups.

During my overnight stay here, the place is so peaceful and you’ll going to have a nice sleep. No need to worry about foods, there’s restaurant there.

For booking inquiries check Bakasyunan Resort Tanay website: http://www.bakasyunanresorttanay.com or contact them through:

Tel No.: 7064509
Mobile : 09175755116/09989942513/09178303438
Email :bakasyunanmarketing1@gmail.com


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